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Two very dear friends have lost parents recently. We had dinner with one of those friends a few weeks ago and her husband made a comment about the fact that they’ll have to go through this three more times. Which … Continue reading

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More Kaylee and Then Some

Things are still kind of rough, but getting better. Kids time in therapy increased last week and will do so again in the coming week. And that takes a toll on them and me. I didn’t have the energy to … Continue reading

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Stuffy Head and a Bonus, Too

My head is stuffy, which tends to make my brain fuzzy, but I wanted to stop by and tell you that I’m okay. The increased dosage of depression meds is helping just enough to make me realize what bad shape … Continue reading

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Talking Birthdays

I’m taking a class about the creative work that goes on before you start writing your story. It’s intended to help you quickly immerse yourself in the world of your story, so you can, hopefully, settle right in to the … Continue reading

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Tell Me About It

Several of you have told me (or my mother) in person how much you like the blog. I usually say ‘thank you,’ but I’m too tongue-tied to say much else. It feels narcissistic to ask for elaboration, but I’m dying … Continue reading

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