Autism Links

I’ve recently discovered several websites with links to great info on autism, so I’m going to keep a running list here so anyone who wants to can check them out. I may rearrange the topics because, now that I have them there, they look wrong. I’ll also try to remember to add new ones as I find them. Oh, and please feel free to send me links that you find helpful.

General autism sites:

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

Parents of autistic children:

Relieving Parental Stress and Depression: How Helping Parents Helps Children

Helping a Friend Affected by Autism

The Ramp

You May Approach the Short Bus

I need to remember this one: Autism, Parenting, and the Importance of Attitude


On Parents Listening to Self-Advocates

Important info/ideas:

I Want to Tell You a Secret About Autism Awareness

Tales of the Schoolyard: Can I Sit With You?

Family stories or blogs:

Nickels, Dimes and ‘High-Functioning’ Autism

This one makes my heart clench with dread for the future: Change

This could be me: Shifting

Disneyland: My Autistic Son’s Land of Yes

Vaccinations PLEASE:

After the Debunking: Autism Parents Have Their Say

Why My Child With Autism Is Fully Vaccinated


Identifying and Avoiding Autism Cults


But enough about me. What do you think about me?

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